Explore the Unlimited Utility of PEG
Explore the Unlimited Utility of PEG
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Lipid PEG is widely used in drug delivery, nanoparticles and related R&D applications.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Price
BP-23156 Azide-PEG-2K-NH-COO-Tocopherol    
BP-23178 Lys-(VitE)2 1087.6 96%
BP-23146 PEG1000-Lys-(VitE)2    
BP-22717 DSPE-PEG-2K-Azide    
BP-22722 DSPE-PEG-2K-Amine    
BP-23200 DSPE-PEG-3.4K-Amine    
BP-22723 DSPE-PEG-2K-Biotin    
BP-22724 DSPE-PEG-2K-Cyanur    
BP-22719 DSPE-PEG-2K-Carboxylic Acid    
BP-22716 DSPE-PEG-2K-DBCO   96%
BP-22726 DSPE-PEG-2K-Fluorescein    
BP-22725 DSPE-PEG-5K-Folate    
BP-23307 DSPE-PEG-2K-Maleimide    
BP-23394 DSPE-PEG-5K-Maleimide    
BP-22721 DSPE-PEG-2K-PDP    
BP-22718 DSPE-PEG-2K-Succinyl    
BP-22174 m-PEG8-DSPE 1142.5 98%
BP-22175 m-PEG12-DSPE 1318.7  
BP-22176 m-PEG24-DSPE 1847.4  
BP-22177 Mal-PEG12-DSPE 1498.9  
BP-22178 TFP-PEG13-DSPE 1568.9  
BP-22727 C8 PEG-750-Ceramide    
BP-22728 C16 PEG-750-Ceramide    
BP-22729 C8 PEG-2K-Ceramide    
BP-22730 C16 PEG-2K-Ceramide    
BP-22731 C8 PEG-5K-Ceramide    
BP-22732 C16 PEG-5K-Ceramide    
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